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I have been making pottery for over 15 years in beautiful Portland, Maine.  I like to throw and hand build useful pots and occasional sculpture out of porcelain and white stoneware.  Frequently, I will carve designs onto my work, paint designs with underglazes, or alter their shape when wet.  All of my pieces are fired in a community gas-fired reduction kiln to cone 10 (2300-2400° F).  These pots are food-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe unless otherwise noted - just please don't shock them with quick temperature changes - such as going from the refrigerator into a hot oven. 

I use an assortment of glazes either alone or in combination to achieve a variety of results, often I strive to highlight my various carved designs. The glazes I most commonly use are:      

Celadon- glossy pale green

Amber Celadon- glossy olive green

Cobalt- glossy cobalt blue

Oribe- glossy turquoise

Matte Black- matte black

Cushing Green- matte green

Shino- glossy white or orange, depending on thickness

MD Shino- glossy white that turns grey with carbon trapping

Winnokour- glossy grey/blue with flashes of red

Tomato- matte red/orange with iridescence

Waxy White- matte creamy white

Leach White- glossy bright white

Iron Blue- glossy warm tan tinged with blue

Rutile Purple- creamy white with purple highlights

Temmoku- glossy deep rich brown

Moz- creamy off white

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is free in the US and items are carefully boxed and shipped via UPS or USPS

Returns for refund, replacement or credit must be requested within a week of receipt.

Items must be properly packaged and shipped at the buyer's expense.  

When the items are received in good condition, a refund or credit will be processed.

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